Hansaplast ANTI CALLUS 20% UREA Intensive Cream offers an innovative combination of high concentrated urea with the revolutionary discovery Aquaporin Technology.

1. Why Urea?

Urea is a naturally occurring substance in our skin that is found in the upper skin layers. It has a vital role in maintaining the so-called body´s Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF). Urea lends moisture to the skin cells and keeps the skin smooth and supple. Due to its hydrating effects it helps the skin to maintain its elasticity. It also helps to increase the skin’s capacity to store moisture, and stabilizes the skin’s natural barrier function. In higher concentration urea additionally has keratolytic properties; it softens the calloused skin layer so it can be easily released.

The natural and highly effective moisturiser urea provides long-lasting and intense moisturisation, thus helping to reduce dry and calloused areas. Foot creams with urea, such as Hansaplast ANTI CALLUS 20% Urea Intensive Cream, will help to regenerate and rehydrate dry, rough and calloused skin of the feet, making them soft and supple again.

2. Why Aquaporin Technology?

The Aquaporin Technology stands for effective skin hydration even in deeper epidermal skin layers. It is based on gluco-glycerol: this ingredient activates the skin’s own moisture network by fostering new aquaporins. Aquaporins support an optimal moisture distribution within the epidermis.

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