Heat Plaster
with Sensitive-Fleece


Reliable adhesion and high wearing comfort - ideal for muscle pain in the neck and shoulder area. 


How does Heat Plaster with Sensitive-Fleece work?

Heat Plaster with Sensitve-Fleece is a medicinal product to be used for external symptomatical treatment of muscle pain in the area of the lumbar spine and muscles in the neck area. 

Heat Plaster with Sensitive-Fleece should only be used by adults aged 18 years and older. 
The active ingredient Nonivamide provides an intense, long lasting warming sensation and high wearing comfort. Nonivamide is chemically modelled after the natural capsaicin.
Ingredient: Nonivamide, 1 plaster contains 9,85 mg Nonivamide. 

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For any risks or side effects please read the instructions carefully and ask your doctor or pharmacist. 

Heat Plaster with Sensitive-Fleece
Field of Application: external symptomatical treatment of muscle aches in the area of the lumbar spine and muscles in the neck area. 
Contains Methyl-4-hydroxybenzoat and Propylenglykol. Ingredient: Nonivamide. 

How to use Heat Plaster with Sensitive-Fleece

The plaster should only be used on dry, intact skin.
Peel off the covering paper and apply the plaster over the painful area, with the adhesive side to the skin. 

The plaster is  skin friendly and may be removed easily and painfree at any time without leaving sticky residues. The gentle Heat Plaster with Sensitive-Fleece is especially suitable for the sensitive skin in the neck and shoulder area. 

Do not use the plaster if you are allergic to Nonivamide or other ingredients of the plaster (read the leaflet carefully). 

Do not use the plaster on broken skin, wounds or to inflamed skin as well as eczema or on mucous membranes.
Heat Plaster with Sensitive-Fleece is available in a pack with four plasters. One plaster has the size of 14 x 10 cm and is coated with a white hydrogel adhesive on a fleece backing.

Product  Type Size  Quantity

Heat Plaster with Sensitive-Fleece

 14 x 10 cm
4 plaster

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