Pressure Stop Plaster

Immediate pain relief from pressure and friction

  • Invisible protection from friction
  • Strong adhesion 
  • Can be cut to any desired size and shape

Pressure Stop Plaster

Especially made to protect your foot skin from the pressure and friction of high heels, ski boots, hiking boots and other types of shoes. Hansaplast Pressure Stop Plasters offer cushioned protection for immediate pressure relief and blister prevention. Available as transparent dressings that can be cut to any desired size, Hansaplast Pressure Stop Plasters keep your feet looking good and provide protection to those hard-to-cover areas for several days at a time.

If you’re diabetic, consult your doctor before using.


Dermatologically Approved
Based on clinical studies, this product is confirmed to be skin-compatible.

How to use

Apply on clean dry skin. If the skin is chapped or broken, additional desinfection is recommended. Cut patch to desired size and remove the white foil. Press the patch on firmly. The patch can be worn until it peels off itself. 

In case a blister has already formed, apply patch on the intact blister. For open blisters additional desinfection is recommended.  If you have diabetes ask your doctor before use.

Product Content

Product  Type  Size  Quantity
Pressure Stop Plaster

9 cm x 6,5 cm 2 Pieces

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How do pressure marks develop?

    Pressure marks often appear in areas where the skin is exposed to pressure and friction e.g. during sports or when wearing new shoes. With further pressure and friction the pressure mark can transform into an even more painful blister.
  2. 2. What can I do to prevent blisters and sore spots?

    Sore spots are a common problem often caused by tight or ill-fitting shoes and can develop on any part of the foot. They are caused by pressure and friction and can lead to painful blisters or corns. To protect feet against sore spots, friction and pressure and to prevent the development of a blister we recommend Hansaplast Pressure Stop Plaster.
  3. 3. For which parts of the feet can a Hansaplast Pressure Stop Plaster be used?

    Hansaplast Pressure Stop Plaster can be used for any part of the feet where you feel that your shoe puts uncomfortable pressure on. Hansaplast Pressure Stop Plaster with its soft hydrocolloid material can be cut to size and shape and offers transparent reliable protection from painful pressure and friction.
  4. 4. Do I have to remove a Hansaplast Pressure Stop Plaster before taking a shower or bath?

    As a Hansaplast Pressure Stop Plaster is a waterproof plaster, you do not need to remove it while taking a shower or a bath. A Hansaplast Pressure Stop Plaster can be worn until it peels off by itself.
  5. 5. How should I use a Hansaplast Pressure Stop Plaster?

    Thoroughly clean and dry the affected area. Cut the Hansaplast Pressure Stop Plaster to the desired size and remove the white film. Press the cut piece onto skin and smooth down. In case of open wounds, we recommend additional disinfection. Do not use any cream, ointment or other product on affected area, as otherwise the adhesive power of the Hansaplast Pressure Stop Plaster could be affected.
    If you have diabetes ask your doctor before using this product.
Always see a doctor if the wound is deep, bleeds heavily or shows signs of infection like reddening, swelling or warmth. Please note that, although they were compiled with great care, the tips and advice given on this website by no means substitute medical advice and treatment. If you have or suspect a health problem, consult a doctor and follow medical advice, regardless of what you have learned on this website. Always read carefully and follow the instructions for use or the leaflets of our products.
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