Pressure Protection Rings

Ideal for protecting corns from painful pressure

  • For corns, callus and sensitive spots
  • Immediate pain relief from pressure
  • Extra-soft cushioning and self-adhesive

Pressure Protection Rings

Designed to reduce pressure and friction, the Hansaplast Pressure Protection Rings are your source of immediate pain relief. They can be applied to corns, callus and sensitive spots on the foot to reduce pain and irritation that can result from coming into contact with your shoe or from the pressure applied to the foot while walking. Available as self-adhesive strips, these pads are easy to administer and provide long-term protection thanks to the reliable adhesive.

This product is suitable for diabetics.

Dermatologically Approved
Based on dermatological study the product is
confirmed to be skin friendly, skin compatible
and has a good skin tolerability.

How to use

Apply on clean and dry skin, making sure that the affected area is in the center. Press on firmly for good adhesion.

Product  Type  Size  Quantity
Pressure Protection Rings
Ø 2,2 cm 20 Pieces

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. What is a corn and how do I get it?

    The skin is made up of several layers. The outer layer, the epidermis, acts as a protective barrier for the deeper, more sensitive layers of the skin.
    If the skin is exposed to permanent pressure and friction e.g. from ill-fitting shoes, it reacts by building up this outer layer, thus forming calloused skin. If the pressure persists, the calloused skin can form a corn with a hard core that reaches the deeper, sensitive skin structures and thus causes pain.
  2. 2. What can I do to prevent corns?

    We can do a lot to keep our feet in good condition, e.g. wearing well-fitting shoes and using special moisturising foot creams. Nevertheless, sore spots, corns and calloused skin are a common problem. As a preventive measure we recommend Hansaplast Pressure Protection Rings as soon as first signs are recognised. The soft and self-adhesive pads provide immediate pain relief and protect the sensitive areas of the feet against pressure and friction.
  3. 3. When and how do I use a Hansaplast Pressure Protection Ring?

    When you are suffering from a corn, a Hansaplast Pressure Protection Ring is an easy way to take away the pressure from the affected area.
    Thoroughly clean and dry the affected area. Press the felt ring onto the skin so that the pressure-sensitive area lies in the middle of the ring. Now when wearing shoes they will not come into contact with this sensitive area any more as the felt material offers an ideal protection from painful pressure.
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