Back pain relief with Hansaplast pain relief patches.
Benefits of the Hansaplast Spiral Heat pain relief patches.

The new SpiroTherm technology

Provides extraordinary 2D and 3D flexibility with innovative spiral heat cells. They are designed to move and stretch with the natural contours of your body, while delivering comforting warmth, right where you need it. The adhesive grid pattern offers optimal skin contact and effective heat transmission that lasts for 12 hours for targeted pain relief.
Keep on moving!
Experts recommend to stay active and keep on moving to manage back and neck pain. That´s why these innovative and highly effective pain relief heat patches have been developed to combine the benefits of warmth and movement. Whatever you’re doing, thanks to Hansaplast Spiral Heat Flexible Heat Patches stiff or tense muscles no longer have to stop you living your life to the full.
Hansaplast Spiral Heat Flexible Heat Patch Back & Neck
Makes treating back and neck pain convenient. Designed according to your body’s contours, these pain relief patches are made to stay in place, adapting to movements throughout every day and leisure activities. This size and shape is ideal for lower back pain, hip and neck pain as well as shoulder pain.
Hansaplast Spiral Heat Flexible Heat Patch Multipurpose
Offers effective pain relief for multiple body positions. They can be used practically anywhere you need them. Their unique ellipsoid shape fits well to spots like wrists, joints, elbows, knees – or any muscle that’s causing pain.
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