Springtime means you’ll soon be wearing sandals and walking around barefoot. After a long winter in heavy shoes and thick socks, your feet can be dried out and have unattractive callused skin. To get your feet ready for spring, you need a special five-day care programme that will re-moisturise your foot skin and have it looking great again.

Day 1: Intensive care with a foot bath and foot cream

A foot bath is the perfect way to provide intensive care to feet. A temperature of no more than 36 °C for 10–15 minutes is the best start to get your feet ready for the care programme. However, the actual foot care begins after the foot bath – with Hansaplast Anti Callus 2in1 Peeling with urea and almond oil to remove excess callused skin. Afterwards, pamper your feet with the Hansaplast Anti Callus 20% UREA Intensive Cream. Simply apply a thin layer of foot cream, put on a pair of socks and hop into bed. In the morning, your feet will be as soft as baby skin!

Close-up of foot bath and Hansaplast ANTI CALLUS 2in1 Peeling
Start with a nourishing foot bath and follow up with intensive foot care.

Day 2-5: Apply cream each and every day

Applying a foot cream containing urea regularly is extremely important to have healthy and beautiful feet. Dr Maike Kuhlmann from Hansaplast Research and Development explains, “Well cared for foot skin is not only softer and more beautiful, but can also better withstand friction, pressure and athlete’s foot. She also confirms, “Applying a moisturising, easily absorbable cream each morning after showering is ideal. A more intensive cream massaged into the skin before bed that can be used overnight is Hansaplast ANTI CALLUS 20% UREA Intensive Cream

Woman in robe by bathtub
It‘s important to apply foot cream containing urea every day.

Day 3: Intensive treatment for corns
and calluses

If your feet have already developed excess calluses or corns that can’t be removed with a foot peeling treatment and care, you need special treatment. Hansaplast Callus Plasters and perfectly fitting Hansaplast Corn Plasters with salicylic acid should be applied directly to the affected areas to soften the thick callused skin over the course of two to four days so the excess can be easily removed at the end of the week.

Plaster being applied to pinky toe
Plasters containing salicylic acids can help soften thick and callused skin.

Day 4: A pedicure in the summer will add the perfect touch

For beautiful feet, the only thing missing now are beautiful nails. First, shorten the nails. It’s important to not cut off too much, since this could cause the nails to become ingrown. Dr Kuhlmann explains, “The form of the nails should correspond to their natural curvature, and the edges should be filed smooth.” An irregular surface can be smoothed out with a special file, and cuticles can be gently pushed back. Afterwards, the nails are ready to be painted.

Toenails being clipped
Shorten the nails, but don‘t cut off too much.

Day 5: Now your feet
are ready!

After your five-day intensive care programme, your feet are ready to make their seasonal debut. To ensure that a blister doesn’t spoil the fun, Dr Maike Kuhlmann recommends always having a couple of blister plasters handy. She says, “The new Hansaplast Blister Plasters protect the skin directly upon application, offer 48-hour adhesion and protect from pain with the Active Gel Cushion.”

Close-up of girl holding feet
Now your feet are ready to make their debut.

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Get your feet ready for spring with these products

When the sun starts to shine, it’s time to enjoy life outside. Use these products to get your feet ready for their springtime debut and keep them healthy all season long. Immediately reduce the pain from blisters with Hansaplast Blister Plaster. Relieve pressure from corns and eliminate them with Hansaplast Corn Plaster, which includes active ingredient salicylic acid. Achieve a 100% smooth skin feeling with the Hansaplast Regenerating Foot Cream with 10% UREA and include it in your morning care routine for long-lasting results. Exfoliate and provide your foot skin with quality care all in one step with the Hansaplast Anti Callus 2in1 Peeling. For severely dry and callused skin apply Hansaplast Anti Callus 20% UREA Intensive Cream, which is ideal for severely callused and dry skin.
Picture of the Footcare range
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