Yoga is not only a great workout for your entire body. There are also some efficient and easy-to-do yoga exercises specifically for feet. Keeping them supple and well-trained with these exercises will give you great benefits such as increased flexibility and also strengthen your muscles and ankles.

The way to more balance for your feet: Foot Yoga

So keeping your feet and toes in great shape is essential. A bit of pedicure every now and then is just not enough! Regular foot massages are great, and can help increase circulation. But exercises are even more benefitial. They will help create and maintain more flexibility and muscle tone in your feet, which will improve overall balance and help you feel more grounded – something that will show in your posture, your walk and your balance. So get started today!

Interlacing fingers between toes.

Sit on a chair, cross legs and hold one foot with the hand opposite to it. Interlace fingers between your toes and spread toes. Repeat on other foot. This stretches the muscles of the toes. As our toes are not used to this movement, this may be challenging at first, so don’t be discouraged.

Making a circle with the ball of your foot.

While standing with a straight back, put the right leg behind you and your right foot back on your toes, pressing them into the floor while bringing your right heel up at the same time. The arch of the foot will be contracted now. Perform a full circle with your foot. Go in both directions. Alternate legs.

This exercise brings a lot of blood flow and energy into the feet, will improve flexibility and help you maintain balance.

Crouches on your toes.

Position yourself crouched, hands underneath your shoulders, sitting on heels. Elevate your body weight on the toes. From here, lower heels again and repeat about ten times. This will stretch and strengthen the foot and ankle muscles and stabilise legs while maintaining mobility in the ankle and foot joints.
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