The study

A group of 3,000 independent consumers tried Hansaplast Blister Plasters between April and June 2015. The results are outstanding.

We spoke to 2,490 members of the consumer panel to hear what they thought about the Blister Plaster…

In short? They loved the plasters! Over 94% of them thought the Hansaplast Blister Plaster was either ‘very good’ or ‘good’. Attributes that really stood out for our participants were the smooth, frictionless surface and the easy, crease-free application. Of those that had used a different blister plaster before, around 96% of our subjects found the Hansaplast Blister Plaster either ‘better’ or ‘just as good’.
Compared to their experience with other blister plasters, consumers found that the Hansaplast Blister Plaster helped blisters to heal faster.

*Based on 2061 consumers who had previously used a different brand of blister plaster.

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What is the platform “Konsumgoettinnen”?

This unique consumer community gives women the opportunity to test products, services and online shops for free and without any commitment. Users are sent new products to try each week. The philosophy is that if they like something – they’ll recommend it to a friend.
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What "Konsumgoettinnen" thought about the Hansaplast Blister Plaster

Even among this discerning group of consumers, the Hansaplast Blister Plaster performed consistently well and was rated high. The smooth, frictionless surface and the simple, crease-free application particularly impressed them. More than half of the consumers was impressed by how the Hansaplast Blister Plaster soothed pain straight away and quickly and reliably healed their blister. Lots of them mentioned that they loved how the plaster was not noticeable when it was on, thanks to its transparency. Other winning qualities praised by the participants were the fact that the Hansaplast Blister Plaster is waterproof and stays securely on the skin for a long time.

Finally, consumers rated the product as very good in terms of value for money.

*Based on 2061 consumers who had previously used a different brand of blister plaster.
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The Hansaplast Blister Plaster was praised for it’s ability to stay in place – subjects reported their plasters staying on for an average of 2.6 days. More than 76% of the panel who had used a different blister plaster previously told us they thought that the Hansaplast was better. So over three quarters of them are very likely to use and buy the Hansaplast Blister Plaster in the future.
There’s nothing like a recommendation from a friend. 94% of the consumer panel have already told someone they know about the Hansaplast Blister Plaster.
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