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Paul Carl Beiersdorf is granted patent No. 20057 to produce coated plasters. The “gutta-percha plaster gauze” made it possible for the first time to put various medications on the skin and allow them to have an effect over a longer period of time.
This is the birth of the Beiersdorf Company.






Dr. Oscar Troplowitz purchases the company from Paul C. Beiersdorf and in 1892 constructs a factory to develop the gauze plasters to meet the growing demand by doctors for the new product, a medicated coated plaster. 







The year it all began: this year, the first plasters with wound padding are sold under the name of Hansaplast for the first time. 







"ABC Plaster” for heat therapy is introduced.






Flexible ready-to-use wound dressings under the name “Hansaplast Elastic” are introduced.







Launch of the first water resistant plasters, also for fingers.







“Hansaplast Strips” are released. They are individually packaged and therefore especially sterile.






A major breakthrough: the Hansaplast non-adhesive wound pad. The new viscose fibre covering prevents the pad from sticking to the wound: it shortens and improves the healing process.







Hypoallergenic plasters (“Hansavlies”) are introduced to the market.






Colourful “consoling plasters” help children to quickly forget their minor wounds.







Hansaplast spray plasters are introduced.






The pharmacy-exclusive plaster brand Hansamed – derived from the hypoallergenic range Hansavlies – is introduced as a specialized plaster for those with sensitive skin.






The practical and individually packed “Hansaplast Strips” now come in an elastic version.






With the introduction of the first “Aqua Protect” plaster, Hansaplast now offers plasters that prevent water from entering the wound.






Hansaplast Foot Care: first steps into the footcare market are made with blister plasters, corn plasters and foot sprays.






Hansaplast expands its range to include joint bandages for hands, elbows, feet and knees.






Hansaplast introduces “Scar Reduction”: the first plaster to help reduce pre-existing red and raised scars.






ABC heat therapy plasters for muscular back and neck pain merges with Hansaplast and from now on carry that brand name. 






Known today as “Fast Healing”, the innovative “Hansaplast Active Gel Strip” speeds up recover by creating a moist environment around the wound to create optimal healing conditions.






Hansaplast launches its “Anti-Blister Gel”, its first preventative blister gel designed to stop blisters before they start. 







“Velvet Feet” is a new offering for intensive care to rehydrate and rejuvenate dry skin on feet. 






“Extra Robust Waterproof” is launched to further establish the durable textile plaster segment. The breathable plasters are made out of a waterproof material and have extra-strong adhesive quality.





„Elastic+Waterproof” is the first waterproof plaster with a fabric backing. This three-layer plaster combines a waterproof, breathable membrane with exceptional adhesive power. It offers optimal protection against water, dirt and germs in demanding situations.





“Aqua Protect” is relaunched. The extra-strong and waterproof adhesive keeps your wound 100% dry and guarantees the plaster will stay in place when wet. The packaging is also reworked to emphasise the brand’s competence and appeal to consumers’ evolving design preferences.





Hansaplast extends line of plasters for children featuring characters from Disney Frozen and Star Wars™️.




The Doc@Home range is released to help consumers level up their first aid kit at home, featuring Finger Cohesive, Cohesive Bandage, Compress, Elastic Fixation Bandage and Cotton Sticks.

Silicone Soft Plasters make their market debut. Using innovative silicone adhesive technology, the plasters are designed to minimise trauma and pain during removal while ensuring reliable adhesion during wear.






A new Wound Spray and Wound Healing Ointment are released as part of the Routine range, designed to help consumers give better care at home following steps to cleanse, protect and heal.







Scar Reducer, the discreet self-adhesive plaster for treating scars, is relaunched and made available in an additional larger size.






Disney MARVEL superheroes make their way onto a new plaster range for kids, offering protection for minor wounds.




Hansaplast releases its Bacteria Shield insignia, prominently displayed on that protect against 99% of bacteria.  

Hansaplast rolls out the biggest relaunch in the brand’s long history.
The relaunch shares the stage with a range of more inclusive plasters by Hansaplast available in different skin tones. The relaunch also coincides with the release of hypoallergenic KIDS SENSITIVE plaster strips, with dermatologically approved skin compatibility.

Hansaplast plasters protect against dirt & bacteria
*Hansaplast plasters protect against dirt & bacteria



To celebrate 100 years since its founding, Hansaplast launches its first ever climate-neutralised plaster, “GREEN & PROTECT”, designed to offer the same protection and healing benefits in a more sustainable plaster. In addition to the wound pad and fabric packing being made of naturally-derived materials, the plasters are also 100% climate neutralised**.

** Electricity used in our production of the plaster is from 100% renewable sources;  remaining emissions compensated through certified afforestation projects

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